Running the Minecraft server is our job

Just a quick share this time. Last week saw our Grade 7 trial start. This trial has a particular purpose and that is to support a student who is not attending full time and who is not participating in normal classes to find his place in our school, this student is on the Autistic Spectrum. This student has been visiting our grade 9/10 Minecraft class for a number of weeks now, and is settling in well. He has been given his own area to mine, craft and build in. Over a number of weeks he has been getting use to the idea of sharing his area with a small group of students from his grade. To start with this was extremely confronting for him, but over time this has changed. The change is significant as he was not keen to start with but now has created a chest for each of the four other students in his house and invited them to use his house as a place to hang out during their first night in the game. WOW! Further to this the lead students have been keeping a close eye on the server since we have had the newbies enter (some just newbies to our server not to minecraft itself) and making sure they are supporting them in their learning. I made a direct comment over Skype to one of them, thanking him for the work that he was doing in this area and with ensuring our server was working well. His response was one that I was not expecting. He stated “just doing me job”. Another WOW moment, these students see this learning as so much more than a game, it is theirs and they want it to work, they see it as their job to ensure that the values, beliefs and norms that exist on our server are maintained. They see it as more than a subject at school 🙂


  1. jokay says:

    I love this post…. and I’m so proud to know the Project Mist boys. Their development this year has been a joy to watch from the server sidelines. And I love that they are starting to get that taking on the ‘job’ of running a server can be an amazingly rewarding thing. EPIC work Misty Team.. you are awesum! 😉

  2. dbatty1 says:

    Thanks so much Jo. They are doing such a wonderful job. In a couple of weeks our second minecraft class will start and a large number of those in the first class are choosing to stay on our server and part of our community – how cool!

  3. natbott97 says:

    Thanks Jo! Its so awesome to have your support and we thank you so much for everything you do! Great post too Ms Batty!

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