Minecraft Collaborations

Today was an exciting day for us as we are slowly ironing out some of the problems that we face using Minecraft within a school setting. It appears that we have worked out, through much discussion within the class, how to ensure that we can all logon to www.minecraft.net without too much issue. As many of you would know in a school setting you will often get an error message about your passwords or login name when trying to logon even though what you have entered is correct. We have discovered that if you give logging on a rest for 15 mins then things seem to settle and all is fine. For us, due to the fact that we have a class straight after lunch, it does mean that we have to ask students who are not in the class to refrain from using minecraft during their break. So far so good – thank you 🙂

The other really cool thing that happened today with regard to collaboration and problem solving was that of bartering. Our students are currently working on collaborative builds in small teams. Although they are working in these small teams they are still very aware of what other teams are doing and wanting to achieve. A number of our students are very successful miners and consequently have chests full of valuable wares. As a result of this today we had students starting discussions with other teams to see if they could help support each other in achieving their aims. Consequently some very impressive bartering occurred. What an amazing tool for learning!


  1. warntpiece says:

    we may not have to ask them to stop at lunch time. Another option would be to use the first 15 mins at the beginning of tuesday lessons for a class descussion about what our goals are, what we are making and have some constructive critisizm (if thats how you spell it :P) and with the descovery of the 15 minute break (by the amazing warntpiece) we can have a longer more fun filled class rather then haveing to play single player for half the lesson and still have only 5-6 people logging on. all in all, the mincraft server is a growing comuntity and we will continue to face and/or solve problems as they arrise and this solution is proof of the real life problem solving that is learnt in this class.

  2. dbatty1 says:

    Thanks Warntpiece. You have made a good point, it would be great to make all happy especially as Tuesday lunches are one of two lunches through the week that students can play minecraft in our school.

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