Exciting News – Project MIST

One of our many incredible builds

We are getting so close to realising our dreams here at Project M.I.S.T. Yesterday I received news that things were starting to come together regarding the ability for the miners to access our server that is hosted off-site from our school. This has required some incredible work from people in our school IT department and from those who look after IT from a state perspective. There are a range of things that make me excited about this news. Knowing that the miners will have the best learning opportunities as a result of this work, seeing a range of groups within our schooling system work together to achieve better opportunities for students and being able to start planning the next stage of the learning for those who have worked tirelessly in the project over the holidays. Knowing that we will be able to collaborate with other schools later this year is just brilliant, I am just a little excited….well ok more than just a little excited. Further this it is incredible that I get to work with a group of inspiring students who are able to participate in such an authentic learning experience. I can’t wait to see where this will lead to over the next six months and beyond 🙂

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  1. Ann Coleby says:

    I’m sure all the hard work will have amazing results for your lucky students.

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