Minecraft – trust

One of the interesting things in any group that works together is the importance of developing trust. I think this is the thing that is being sorted at the moment amongst the miners. Interesting concept trust, knowing when to let others take the lead can encourage the presence of trust.

The thing that I am really impressed with is the time the miners have spent developing their aim, mission and vision. Although these are not all formally written down they are present as a result of the time they have put into formulating their ideas and the way they prefer to operate as a group.

They have regularly used a circle for their meetings to ensure that communication is open and to enable each others voice to be heard and listened to. It is wonderful to see them being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses that each possess to ensure the group works better.

As our server is still under construction when the miners want to build they must be given the ‘op’ level. This means that complete trust of each other is required. I personally believe that this will work as they are all focussed on what they want to achieve and understand their roles. I am also very aware that a number of the miners are extremely inquisitive and will test things to the limit to understand the possibilities. Others, like myself, test the limits due to a lack of knowledge and will consequently ‘grief’ unintentionally and lack the ability rectify the issue. This is where our acceptance of each other and determination to approach this project in a manner that is supportive of all involved is highly important.

Seeing students immersed in an authentic task that is theirs and is achieving a goal that they have identified as important is incredible to watch. It is also wonderful to see learning that is often difficult to replicate in the classroom. These students are working on their builds right now (10:25pm Tuesday with one day of school left for the year), they are seeking support from experts in the field and they are collaborating via Skype and within the game. They are handling a range of conversations at once and in doing this are developing great interpersonal skills. Each time I drop into their discussions/conversations I am impressed. The trust I have in them and their ability to achieve what they have set out do is extremely strong.

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