Minecraft brainstorms

Today was another eventful day and our most successful meeting to date. I think the students now see Project M.I.S.T as a tangible reality rather than a mere concept. As a result when the miners (students) met to brainstorm their ideas there was an excitable buzz. In this session they discussed areas within our new world refining thoughts connected to quests. It was great to see each student take leadership of areas they feel most comfortable regarding builds. The next task is for a map to be drawn up so each miner knows where to start creating. Two students are working on the front/back story, with another proofing. So when will this all take place…..

Over the holidays. The students will mainly use Skype and minecraft to work together, there will be a couple of students who will choose other methods based on available resources.

Some of the ideas the students brainstormed today included:
A theme park
A crypt hidden within a forest

The spawn area will have a structure that has three levels, medieval, the 80’s and modern. Each level will have different objects freely available for use by miners and will be available only when particular quests have been completed.

The other major part of the journey that started today was the connection to the server from school. As mentioned in an earlier post this is the part that could prove a little problematic. One of our ICT staff (who will become a minecraft addict by the end of year ;)) organised a meeting to explore the issues, as a result of ports I believe. It is at this point that I get somewhat lost and start thinking of travel as this is what ports mean to me. The beginning of our bumpy ride has just started, the connection was not straight forward and consequently the job has been escalated.

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  1. Verlio says:

    When you talk about quests what do you mean by that. Is it going to be somthing organised by miners for other miners like secret santa or is it going to be something more like Dungeons and Dragons. You know where and band of travellers get together and let their imaginations take control. Who knows? that patch of dirt could be a mystical shrine to the rain gods.
    I am quite curious about these quests.

  2. dbatty1 says:

    I will get some of the miners to answer your question as they are the ones developing the quests.

  3. Yoda says:

    I am one of the miners creating the subject, and im here to answer verlio’s question. The whole point of the quests was to add more depth to the multiplayer experience for the students. As there will be about 15 to 18 weeks that these students will be on the server, it will keep them engrossed (hopefully) for the whole time. there will be a range of quests from traditional rpg-style quests to building challenges and just general challenges. Each of these will reward people with award points, which go towards ranking up. ranking up will unlock more commands and items to use.

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