Minecraft Journey update

Last night our test server was opened up! This morning a couple of us were able to have a quick run around before school. We have some very excited miners. Today we will start testing our connection from school, we are hoping this will be smooth but we are ready for a bit of a bumpy ride. We have some wonderful IT staff who suggested the off site server as an option and have been extremely supportive of our journey to date.

Yesterday the students were told of our plans to have our server hosted, the excitement that this created was amazing to say the least. One student stated that he would give up some skyrim time over the holidays to ensure that things got done. Yes skyrim time! There are a few in the group that are still amazed by that statement.

As a result of this information started brainstorming quests began with much enthusiasm. Will update about this later.

The thing I am most excited about, as a result of the server hosting, is the ability to involve other groups in the future. We have a school in the UK wishing to connect with us and this could be part of that collaboration. I would also love to see some primary schools become involved and develop projects there. These ideas are a little way off from being concrete, yet are providing us with some great direction.

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  1. dhanson says:

    Congratulations with the progress on this project. I particulary like the opportunuities to include other (even international) students to the project.

  2. dbatty1 says:

    Thanks for commenting. I also like the possibilities, the four walls of a classroom and other boundaries are suddenly removed.

  3. roslipp says:

    This sounds like an exciting development. Well done, just shows what can be achieved. I look forward to reading more and would love to become involved. Keep up the great work!

    • dbatty1 says:

      Hi Roslipp
      When we are ready to take the next step of providing an opportunity to primary students I will let you know. This may take a little time as we need to get the 9/10 class underway first, not to mention the ability to connect to a server that is being hosted outside the school.

  4. Lawson Males says:

    This is amazing Donelle.

    I am so far out of my depth. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey with this group of students and learning what it means myself.

    It is exciting to be able to collaborate with other schools as well

    Great work

    • dbatty1 says:

      Thanks Lawson, I will certainly keep you informed and it is great to have you drop by and read our story so far. Who knows you may like to mine for yourself. Our miners are great at teaching teachers, they are very patient.

      Yes, the potential collaboration is the exciting bit. The support and collaboration we have encountered so far has been wonderful. 😀

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