Integrating productive internet use – how do we do it?

I came across this media release via a tweet recently from @heyjudeonline:

One of the quotes that stood out to me was:

 “This study shows that now is the time for Australia to invest in supporting educational initiatives to keep our children safe online and able to explore the significant benefits of online learning and social networking.”

I found it interesting so followed the link to the research paper. It was noted that Australian children from an early age are accessing the internet and the range of tools associated with it. A large number of them are using their mobile devices to do this. Our children are engaging in active use, creating and producing items as a result. After reading the paper and considering the media release my thoughts are as follows:

Supporting the development of students to use the Internet in a manner that is productive, has a critical thinking approach and focusses on creating rather than being passive in nature is something that hopefully will provide them with an edge for their future. Many students are already engaging at this level. The question I have for us as educators is how are we supporting our students now in schools with this level of engagement and how can we support more active participation across learning areas in the future?

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