Linking the concepts – inquiry based learning

I should be spending some time working on my last assignment for my Grad Cert in Education, but I am currently more engaged by the topics floating around twitter and those that are appearing in education focussed blogs.

One of the blog posts that particularly took my interest was this one which states:

“I believe that students should use their name when building an online presence.”

Other blogs that I have been reading have been considering the place of inquiry such as which is certainly linking in with the concept of what 21st Century learning should look like

I am grateful to the author of the first mentioned blog post as it has made me think, it has made me explore, discuss and question. I appreciate that as a result there has been the opportunity to share my questions/comments with the author of the blog along with the author of

As an educator it is extremely important to be placed back in the learning seat, to not know the answer and be free to inquire. Do we allow our students to do the same? Do we encourage our colleagues to undertake this process within our schools?

The following videos are both looking at inquiry, they are both valid and both require good questioning and facilitation to be successful. Is one better than the other? Is there a place for one over the other?

Chloe – Montrose Bay from Big Picture Education Australia on Vimeo

Project Based Learning


  1. says:

    Interesting post – Did you know Student-Directed Inquiry is a year 11/12 course in Tasmania

    The course has four criteria:

    1. Independent and confident project management.
    2. Accountable communication.
    3. Informed and considered implementation.
    4. Quality research.

    Students choose a year long topic/question about which they are passionate and have a mentor. In the 3 years that I had classes the student work was phenomenal and often exceeded course requirements. Many students said it was the best course they had ever done.

    I kept a journal in 2008 and sporadically in 2009 at

  2. dbatty1 says:

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

    No, I was not aware that there is a year 11/12 course offered.

    I am aware, however, that there is a definite direction being taken by a number of schools to incorporate the Big Picture model. The other model that has come to my attention is the PBL model and this is only due to the PLN I have on twitter.

    I like both and think both are incredibly valuable.

    Project Based Learning has a particular appeal to me as I like the fact that it is focussing on collaboration at the start and it is about a team of students working together.

    I have enjoyed dabbling in his concept with a group of studnets who now have successfully placed a minecraft based subject on the 9/10 subject list for next year as a result of this model. I have to admit that I did not purposefully intend for this to happen, it just came about due to some students having an incredible passion and the desire to collaborate/work/inquire together.

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