Kids expect to learn differently (via )

This is a great read and inspiring, especially when I think of what a group of my students are currently doing with minecraft. I liked the comment about de-sensitizing as this weekend I attended a conference and realised that for most people present the digital literacies that were being discussed were new for them. When you have been immersed in ICT and digital literacies for sometime you forget how amazing, important and empowering they are.

Thanks to Sarah for her take on Massively Minecraft. I was a little taken back by the responses from the metaverse, including Will Richardson’s post. [open invite to come thump a tree Will]. I thought I’d pick up on it, and expand some of the ideas we’re using and the things we are seeing. De-sensitizing means we miss things that matter! It made me realise how easy it is to get de-sensitised to kids who quickly build high levels of digital-litera … Read More


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