Guide to using Facebook

Wordle: Facebook
Facebook can be an empowering or a disempowering form of social media for  those that use it. The thing I find interesting is what you learn about others and yourself. The way I interact on Facebook has certainly changed from when I first signed up. I have to say that I am now more aware of my audience and consequently what I put forward for it to see. I now consider very carefully what I am putting in my status update and the reason for it being placed there, as it represents me as a person.

As an educator I also see the impact of Facebook in schools and how it is shaping the relationships of students. My perspective on Facebook, as with any social media tool, is that the tool itself is fine it is how we use it that must be considered. I believe that it is important to teach students how to be ‘cyber-smart’ when using social media tools.

The following link may be useful for those of you working with parents, students and staff regarding Facebook:


  1. dbatty1 says:

    This is an interesting article to consider regarding social media and education:

    What is our place as educators in relation to social media? How do we support students in creating a positive space with social media?


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